Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Swimming, & Sports

- Ages 3-16

- Full Day

- Martial Arts   

- Gymnastics

- Swimming Lessons

- Golf

- Tennis

- Basketball

- Soccer

- Softball

- Football

- Academic Enrichment

- Horseback Riding

- Skating

- Golfing

- Go-Kart Racing

- Amusement Parks

- Batting Ranges

- Grand Exhibition Finale

- Family Fun Day


- Trophies / Awards



Summer Camp is a time for children to acquire life changing skills, and have fun doing it. We have  seen the astounding transformation of children who commit to a summer rooted in strengthening social, emotional, and physical skills. We build confidence by  consistent public speaking, performance, and group oriented activities. UMAC World Summer Camp Champions complete our program having learned over 300 skills in martial arts, gymnastics, sports, swimming, art, STEM, and much more.  At the end of the summer, family and friends are all invited to our annual Graduation Grand Exhibition where your child demonstrates all of the amazing skills they have learned throughout the summer.

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July 11th, 2020

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